Citeazens By TeaDAO,
A new Era of DeFi begins

2 min readApr 7, 2023


The future is bright for our citeazens

Today let’s explain why we are rebranding our project : Citeazens by TeaDAO

Operative DAOs: now is the time

Our project’s always been aimed to bring about a deep transformation of individual behaviors towards collective behavior that benefits our community of users.

We chose to call those users, the citeazens for many good reasons.

First, the Citeazens project will be all about how all its constituents operate within the ecosystem itself. Each citeazen is part of a bigger picture, and can evolve freely inside the ecosystem, with incentives (and the ability) to make the whole organism even stronger.

In an ideal real world, that is how a citeazen should feel while living his/her life inside his/her country.
The beauty here is that thanks to blockchain technology, we can do it now in DeFi.

So the name “Citeazens” is a tribute toour vision pointing towards our common goal : making people count, and impact as a whole.

Greg, TeaDAO Co-founder.

Second, we kept the TEA word within Citeazens, as the TEA token will embody the spirit of the whole Citeazens ecosystem.

We will share, trade, and hold TEA altogether. The TEA will be the vessel of value, cooperation and sharing within the whole project.

Jack, TeaDAO Co-founder.

Finally, let’s pause on the very last part of the word : Citea-zens
Creating a sense of peacefulness in such a tormented financial world, has always been one of the key objectives for us to reach.

From the innovative, top-notch design, to the sustainable tokenomics, we’ve always wanted our users to feel at peace, to feel Zen, even if it was total chaos out there.

Tom, TeaDAO Co-founder.

Always feeling protected, always knowing what’s happening and how to behave depending on the market condition, never worrying about being diluted by the other users. That is the present we wanted to offer to all our Citeazens.

There, you have it, the origin of why we chose this wonderful name for our beautiful Citeazens project !

From here, each citeazen’s adventure will begin, each one of you will have to develop his/her own specific skills, and each one of you will receive adequate rewards and incentives to make Citeazens the best Real Yield DAO there is.

In a next article, we will present the detailed status, levels, and mastery you all can hope to achieve, and create your own unique free citeazen of the DeFi world !

Are you ready to build your future DeFi identity?

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