TeaDAO — A next gen Protocol

Welcome to DEFI 2.0

A strong incubator for Metaverse projects

Our experienced Team

  • CEO (1)
  • Coordination & Partnership (1)
  • Sales & Marketing (2)
  • Network Channel Management (1)
  • Full stack Developers (3) with Traditional Finance & DEFI 2.0 with strong experience
  • Designer (1)
  • Moderators (5)

Our origins

  • Setting up a universe specific to the protocol
  • Legitimize and enhance the power of our Holders
  • Focus on financial services and offer metrics transparency
  • Protect our investors from sell pressure and loss in value
  • Become an incubator of METAVERSE projects under DAO control
  • Participate to crypto mass adoption of services such as IRL Social services, NFTs, e-Sports services
  • A all-in-one Dapp TeaDAO Interface
  • Advanced farming services
  • The TeaParty feature renamed as “Bank”
  • Transparency with analytics available with historical database



The Next Gen DEFI2.0 DAO incubator for digital innovations

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