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The cryptosphere is an ever-changing world and one must admit it can feel a bit overwhelming to understand how to ride such a wave. Today, in 2022, traditional finance is struggling more and more and may be at the dawn of its collapse, convincing less and less retailers and institutional structures to invest in it. Meanwhile, Defi 1.0 has appeared 2 years ago and has tried to solve many issues that the old systems couldn’t, with quite some success, we might concede, but also quite some downsides.

The TeaDAO core team has been involved in such turbulent periods for quite some time now, and time and experience has taught us that there are still a lot of things to build in the Defi field, as mass-adoption is approaching more and more every single day.

NFT, Layer 2, Metaverse, bridges…are still at the premise of their promising growth, but the same can be said about Defi, as some new, elegant ways of viewing decentralized investments are emerging.

This is where TeaDAO is heading. Our experience in building Defi features and the contemplation of the limits of Defi 1.0 has lead us to adopt a new vision of the services we want to offer to our community, of the interaction we thrive to have with it, where every actor of a project benefits from the everyone, and not just a few.

That is why TeaDAO will be highly focused on financial Defi features, DAO cooperation and investing in high potential and innovative projects, improving the profitability for the users and the sustainability for TeaDAO.
This will allow TeaDAO and its community to benefit from each other and take part in the adventure that is coming ahead of us.

Based on different inside information sources and studies like “Messari thesis 2022” (https://messari.io/crypto-theses-for-2022) , and after listening to the excellent cases made Ryan SELKIS, CEO & Founder on the actual state of the crypto economy, TeaDAO will commit 10% of the total treasury to those innovative projects.

The first projects will be presented to the DAO early Q1 2022 and the community will then have a seat in the choices of the next investment we’ll make together.

This will allow the DAO to act as a Level 1 VC during seed presale investment rounds, and the retribution of those investment will come back to this entity, thus assuring better rentability and returns for everyone involved.

TeaDAO Team is composed by experienced professionals working full time in DeFi, working as a team but each one of them having their own core competences:

  • CEO (1)
  • Coordination & Partnership (1)
  • Sales & Marketing (2)
  • Network Channel Management (1)
  • Full stack Developers (3) with Traditional Finance & DEFI 2.0 with strong experience
  • Designer (1)
  • Moderators (5)

Even if we prefer saying anonymous for now, we will detail the members profiles in the coming days thanks to a planned AMA.

TeaDAO technical origin started from a strong evolution of DEFI 1.0 TeaSwap Protocol launched in 2021, May.

It has been entirely rethought in order to:

  • Setting up a universe specific to the protocol
  • Legitimize and enhance the power of our Holders
  • Focus on financial services and offer metrics transparency
  • Protect our investors from sell pressure and loss in value
  • Become an incubator of METAVERSE projects under DAO control
  • Participate to crypto mass adoption of services such as IRL Social services, NFTs, e-Sports services

And far more important: humility and positive mindset are and will remain our core values.

Our devs team has strengthened and focused in recent months to develop and deliver its genuine features and introduce our investors to DEFI 2.0

To reach our ambitions we worked a lot to deliver:

  • A all-in-one Dapp TeaDAO Interface
  • Advanced farming services
  • The TeaParty feature renamed as “Bank”
  • Transparency with analytics available with historical database

TeaDAO will launch by the end of January 2022 its private presale for its early community to thank them for their support, together with early investors, followed some days after by a public presale which will allow the important treasury constitution, one that is necessary to maintain — and develop — TeaDAO ambitions.

Be ready to take part of the start of a new journey and be part of a well establish community of investors and masters in digital assets management.

This is a brief introduction of our project. Our next publications will of course explain and focus on our whole ecosystem, roadmap, tokenomics and features.

You can follow our official announcements in the Discord server — our HQ — or on our official Twitter channel.

TeaDAO Team



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