Citeazens by TeaDAO and the evolution of World Design

5 min readMar 4, 2023


Infusing DeFi with cutting-edge UI

Come take a seat, get comfy… Citeazens by TeaDAO got you covered! (work in progress)

Market crash, inflation, wars…In a world where everything looks more chaotic and uncertain as days pass, it’s getting harder and harder to know where to land on your two feet.

It’s amidst this tormented period, in the very eye of the storm, that the idea of TeaDAO fiercely emerged, with the valiant intent to change the DeFi game once and for all. Citeazens by TeaDAO will be the first project to be launched. We will call it : Citeazens, by TeaDAO.

What’s design to do with all this, you may ask? Pretty much everything. As one can have the best motor in the world, it will still not conquer the heart of the public if the car’s aestethics are completely trash.

While we’ve been talking about Citeazens’ motor i.e tokenomics for quite a while now, and how solid it is, now is the time to present how Citeazens’ visionnary take on design will also be a core factor in the project.

Because at the end of the day, Citeazens’ always been analysing and working hard not only to forsee what lies ahead, but also to be part of the future DeFi builders.


Not an easy task to determine where the terms “World design” come from. But one road leads directly to the birth of the first video games. There, we were talking more about “Game Design”, defined as “… The act of making choices about how players perceive or interact with a game, with the goal of creating a specific experience for the player(s).”

Citeazens’ CiTeaBot concept

The vast majority of us has been exposed to video games to a various degree so there’s no scoop in saying that game design has a huge impact on how players can interact within a game, and in fine experience it. From those interactions the player can adapt a certain “gameplay” that will fit the player’s style and let him experience some rewarding pleasure in return.

TeaDAO’s raw drawing draft before 3D modelisation

From this, World Design can be described as “…The act of making choices about how players will perceive, interact with, or experience the world of a game, with a particular focus on navigation, traversal, pacing, and narrative.”

3D inner tower and background modelization

Here, you can see that World Design makes more focus on the exploring side of the experience when it comes to interactions.

Nowadays, the most successful apps and website (Netflix, Apple, Android, etc…) are based on fine tuned World Designs, so that every user can “feel at home” and interact flawlessly within his digital structures.

Sucessful design : one click away to bindge-watching!

Everything is built so you can feel comfy enough to wander in the depth of your app/website.

We’re convinced that a great design leads to more consumption and wider adoption from the masses — Adam CHAFQANI, TeaDAO’s co-founder.

Let’s now see what’s TeaDAO’s take on World Design and how we tuned it to embark as many people as we can in the DeFi sector.


3D rendering of one of TeaDAO’s tower level (work in progress)

While Citeazens is not a video game, it can certainly considered as an innovative DeFi protocol based on game theory.

Being in the DeFi field for a while now, TeaDAO’s team knows that while game theory is good on paper, it is quite a challenge to encourage users to adopt healthy behaviors in decentralized finance. We’ve all seen it with the collapse of bonding-based DeFi protocols who tried to fork OlympusDAO.

While Citeazens’ tokenomics are totally different from every other DeFi protocols, we do encourage our users to adopt a triple-win behavior : win as a community = win for the protocol = win for yourself.

So we figured the best way to encourage and incentivize users to adopt such cleaver mechanics, by make benefits from every source of income in our protocol was to create a unique, cutting-edge interactive design. So that every user will directly feel the difference the moment he enters our protocol.

Enough with all those flat, sad and repetitive Defi designs, Citeazaens by TeaDAO is about to change the game! — Jack Bagayoko, TeaDAO’s cofounder

A special message from our animated CiTeaBot as to say to all the lazy Defi builders!

And design is certainly the best way to make our users feel they’re not only taking good care of, but also sitting in a secure place where they will be able to grow their capital and engage with the community.

That’s why Citeazens will be represented as a big Tower, the place to go to do DeFi and stay calm at the same time. A futuristic take on Tea Rooms, if you may.

Interactive design to reinforce TeaDAO as a living organization

Since we want to be seen as a shelter for Defi users, everything’s been built in a way to make as secure as you would feel at home.

Citeazens by TeaADOhas been built around the idea of a huge TeaTower, the digital version of a big LightHouse shining light across the DeFi darkness — Tristan, UI/UX designer

And there’s more to it : the Citeazens tower will have many animations to make it very lively such as :

  • Chill-hop, japanese style oriented music as audio background (that you can toggle off)
  • dynamic background weather depending on the state of the crypto market (that will directly lead our users to adapt their yield strategy)
  • various animated object with direct interactions leading to specific Dapp features, infos and metrics
  • dynamic highlights depending on what’s happening whitin the DAO
  • further future interactions as the protocol will develop.

The tower will be at the center of everything that can be done with the protocol : staking, LiquidiTea, HaaS, DaoVC. All you’ll have to do is choose your level and access the feature you cherish!

We can’t wait to have our users leave Citeazens’ interactive website as a wallpaper on their computer, as we are certain it will look totally awesome.

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