Citeazens by TeaDAO’s Tokenomics Part 1/3

A deep dive into TeaDAO tokenomics V2 and Business Model

3 min readMar 9, 2023

Dear citeazens,

We’re happy to share with you what will be the foundations of TeaDAO’s economy.
This is gonna be the basis for all future financial statements. After Token Generation Event, we will provide monthly financial reviews to be 100% transparent on what has happened with the treasury month after month, how many fees were generated by the protocol and how they were redistributed.

Fair and accessible financial information is essential, as members of the DAO, voters need all information to make decisions.

Let’s have a first view on the overall fundraising

Here’s the repartition of the raised funds :

Target : Sustainability for all Citeazens

What is important to explain here — is the LiquidiTEA.

See the LiquidiTEA as the DAO treasury. The 2M$ in liquidiTEA will be used as follows:
▶ 750K$ used as Ethereum nodes
375K$ used as AVAX nodes
▶ 375K$ used as Flux nodes
▶ 500K$ used on tokenized real estate platforms

Thanks to this split, the LiquidiTEA will provide yield in ETH, AVAX, FLUX and USDC.

How will the yield be used?

As you already know — or discover it here — being a citeazen gives you advantages. And it is fair that the biggest part of the yield generated by the LiquidiTEA goes back to the Citeazens.

This is why 70% of the yield generated will be available in pools for sTEA stakers (liquid staking of TEA tokens).

To obtain sTEA, you will automatically receive it for staking TEA in one of the 3 TEA staking pools (1 month lock, 3 months lock, 6 months lock).

Each one of these pools will have a max capacity per period — to be detailed soon ;)

Let’s clarify:
1️⃣ Stake TEA in locked staking pool for a duration of 1, 3 or 6 months and receive TEA rewards. You get a corresponding amount 1:1: of sTEA receipt for staking your TEA.

2️⃣ Stake your sTEA in your favorite pool (or split it): earn ETH, AVAX, FLUX or USDC with 70% of the rewards generated by the liquidiTEA.

But guess what ? Thanks to TeaDAO’s own DEX, all Citeazens will be able to directly swap their LiquidiTEA rewards to the tokens they love the most via a direct omnichain swap button.
For example, they can harvest your ETH rewards and swap them into BTC in no time and locally in our DApp = Citeazen’s freedom at its finest!

What happens with the other 30% of the yield?

▶ 2% are used to pay our qualitative advisors.
3% are topped up on the marketing budget.
5% are given to the Venture Capitals — if they still have their TEA.
This works as an incentive for VCs to keep their invested tokens.
▶ 10% are used to pay the team
▶ 10% are compounded back in the LiquidiTEA.
Meaning each month, the LiquidiTEA will grow, and give more ETH, AVAX, FLUX and USDC.

This is the explainer of the first usecase of TEA — being able to get real yield from non inflationary rewards, in a continuous and sustainable way!

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