TeaDAO’s Tokenomics Part 1

Sustainable principles for long-lasting rewards

TeaDao Tokenomics — Sustainable DEFI

In the light of the recent focus, we will take the time today to talk about TeaDAO’s top-of-the-line tokenomics.

In part 2, you will see that we’ve made a lot of smart improvements so that each TEA user will find a way to earn elegantly, whether it is by providing liquidity to the TeaDAO protocol or simply by hodling $TEA.

Indeed, TeaDaO aims to become a key player in finding, optimizing and multiplying investments in crypto-assets.


First of all, we’ve decided to limit and capp the supply to 50 Millions TEA tokens. Meaning no more TEA tokens will ever be minted once we’ve reached this limit.

This choice will have some direct interesting consequences:

  • Emission rate control in TeaDAO’s Staking and Farming Pools: the team will be able to manage and drive the percentage of rewards offered to the liquidity providers throughout the time. This implies realistic and sustainable rewards through time, up to 60% APR.
  • Higher potential value and no user dilution due to the augmented scarcity of the TEA token providing even more valuable rewards!

Indeed, it is time we changed the yield farming philosophy.

Though it is often presented as a key factor to one project’s success, in reality it is pretty much the opposite : offer unconsiderate token emission rates coupled with unlimited supply, zero inner utility for your native token, and you’ve just created the next-to-die-soon DeFi project..

TeaDAO twists this way of thinking once and for all, by offering true sustainable mechanisms, thus ensuring its users sereinity in their minds, and sustainability in their rewards.


Since the supply is now capped to 50M TEA, the price will be re-indexed to this ratio: 1 TEA = $0.40 at the Public Presale and the day of the launch (Q2Q3 2022).

We believe this entry price fits a vision where everyone will feel that entering TeaDAO is as simple and as welcoming as grabbing yourself a good cup of tea.


There can’t be true Decentralized Finance without giving enough liberTEA to our users.

That is why TeaDAO has been thought and built for the very specific objectives to provide a unique, community led place for Investments and Services, that will not only provide a great sense of individual free will to every user, but also will act as a never-seen before pure ressources aggregator and rewards distributor.

You can think of TeaDAO as a big Hold As A service Ecosystem. On one hand, you have internal services led by expert inner pure DeFi mechanisms tuned to maintain both rewards and value in time. And on the other, external services whose main purposes are to augment both utility and value of the native $TEA token in the long run.

We’re convinced that a true DAO has to harvest the striking financial power of its group so that everyone can benefit from such a strong inertia.

To that end, TeaDAO will cover many financial grounds, such as:

  • Offering strong, well-thought Staking solutions that will allow users to generate passive income up to 60% APR while providing liquidity to the protocol.
  • Giving access to our one-of-a-kind LIQUIDITEA POOLS so that our TEA stakers will be rewarded in stablecoins up to 20% APR.
  • Bonding : provide liquidity to TeaDAO and receive interesting discounts on the TEA token. Make profit after your vesting period has ended.
  • Proposing Votes to decide which top50 crypto will be offered as an extra-reward to our most commited TEA Holders.
  • Offering our unique Hold As A Service (HAAS) pro external tools such as exclusive cryptogems alerts, or access to metaverse real estate land acquisition, node rewards, cloud gpu mining…simply, again, by locking TEA.
  • Participation in TeaDAO’s Infusion Pools : giving all our TEA hodlers access to specific and promising DAO early investments usually only accessible to VCs, and redistributing the gains to all the participating users

As you can see (and will discover in more details in Part 2) , $TEA will be at the very center of TeaDAO’s economy, offering scarcity and high value at the same time, thus marking a big gap between average DeFI projects and an us.

Let’s now detail each feature.


If you think DeFi is all about crazy unsustainable APYs, you are dead wrong.

Staking is first and foremost a matter providing liquidity.

That’s why in TeaDAO you will only find clever incentives that will encourage each user to provide liquidity. Not because they can, nor because they have to, but really because it is simply the best way to earn a maximum of profits within our protocol.

The explanation relies on two reasons:

1- No fees, just clever mechanisms:

Our Staking feature will offer 3 specific pools :

  • Stake TEA-MIM LP, earn TEA
  • Stake TEA, earn TEA-MIM LP
  • Stake AVAX, earn TEA

At this stage of the article, you can notice something interesting : yes you will earn TEA like you would in any classic DeFi project with a native token, but you will also earn TEA-MIM LP if you stake those previously earned TEA!

And what’s even more exciting is the fact that if you want to sell your rewards, you don’t even have to sell your share of TEA earned in your TEA-MIM LP rewards, but rather sell the MIM (by breaking your LP rewards) and…stake back the TEA part to…earn TEA-MIM LP again!

You can also stake TEA, earn TEA-MIM LP, retreive these LP rewards and put them into the TEA-MIM LP pool to earn even more TEA.

Remember: TEA has a limited supply, so the emission rates can be easily regulated throughout a set period of time. Relax! We don’t dilute our users in TeaDAO…

This simple, yet elegant Staking set up will have the direct effect of not only incentivize users to keep their liquidity in TeaDAO (since by doing that, they can earn more), but also to provide more liquidity as time passes (since the rewards can be compounded to their initial deposit so they can earn more).
This is what we call The Virtuous Circle of TeaDAO.

But that’s not all. We’ve implemented another great feature that only TEA stakers will enjoy : the sTEA token.

2- Enters the sTEA token

Earning thanks to staking our native token wasn’t enough of an incentive for us, we wanted to provide a very unique feature that would require the usage of your sTEA receipt tokens.

Indeed, in TeaDAO, when you stake your TEA, you receive the same exact amount of sTEA non-tradable tokens, as a “proof of deposit”, if you may.

And this is where the magic happens.

Here comes…TeaDAO’s exclusive LIQUIDITEA Feature.


So, you’re now a happy and stress-relieved liquidity provider, earning TEA, MIM, LPs while you sleep and feeling comfy. But rest not! You’re about to discover the best feature there is: earning stablecoins and choosing your exposure to the market at any given time!

Remember: when you stake TEA, you receive the exact same staked amount of sTEA tokens in your wallet.

Exemple: when you stake 1000 TEA in staking, you receive 1000 sTEA in your wallet. You can then stake 1000 sTEA into the LiquidiTEA pools and start earning.

We built our project so that its usage will make you remember how it feels to earn passive income, operate and govern your finance in total free will, and enjoy a new way of generating profits.

The crypto market can be crual, asking you to adapt constantly in a twist, requesting your mind to stay constantly vigilant while everyone is here chasing the next insane APR project before it vanishes.

That’s certainly not the type of finance we want to provide our users.

So, how can you experiment peace of mind in TeaDAO, you ask?

By being part of a project that lets you earn stablecoins and blue chips cryptocurrencies, so that no matter what happens on the market, you can stay calm and enjoy seeing your capital grow in value.

Provide liquidity by staking TEA, receive sTEA and stake those sTEA in our unique LiquidiTEA pools:

  • Stake sTEA, earn USDC up to 20% APR
  • Stake sTEA, earn MIM up to 20% APR
  • Stake sTEA, earn AVAX up to 20% APR
  • Stake sTEA, earn the voted cryptocurrency by the DAO at 20%APR

You feel the market is going down ? You can choose to earn stablecoins

Think we’re ranging or about to have a bearmarket reversal ? You can choose to earn your preferred cryptocurrency and enjoy its performance during the next bullrun.

In fact, you can choose anything you want! It is your finance, after all.

Now contemplate this : this is not an extra investment you have to make in order to win those, this is a true, additional passive income provided to you by TeaDAO, as a reward for your commitment.

Yes, you’ve read correctly : you will earn both Staking and Liquiditea rewards simultaneously!

The only way to receive sTEA is by staking. No staking, no sTEA, no stablecoins and top crypto earnings. We praise TeaHOLDERS first and foremost.

This is us making sure you are getting the right fruits of your labor, this is you being provided the tools for governance and capital growth. This our vision on how a true DAO should operate.

This is TeaDAO.

This is ZenFi.


We live in such an exciting yet strange era. On one hand the world’s technologies are thriving more and more everyday, allowing people to access to some new realms they could never have dreamed of even a decade ago. Social media, metaverse…you name it.
On the other hand, we seem to struggle when it comes to communicate with each other, work together so that the group can benefit everyone, or even getting close with someone.

And when you think about traditionnal finance, it’s even more obvious. Who’s close to his bank, really? And what true benefice would you receive from such a relation? Less taxes? Less transaction fees? Keep dreaming…

In TeaDAO, we want to create a true incentive to work hand by hand in a close relationship : the closer you are to us, the more commitment you show, the more we will give , the more you will receive. That’s what Bonding really is.

So, how does it work?

Simple : instead of providing liquidity via a decentralized exchange (DEX) like TraderJoe and then interacting with our DApp, in Bonding, you exchange your assets (MIM, TEA-MIM LP, AVAX, ETH…) directly to the protocol’s Treasury, and in exchange, we offer you the opportunity to receive some TEA tokens at a very good discount (meaning, cheaper than its price on the DEX).

This is also a way of saying that you will receive more TEA tokens that you would have if you had bought them on the market.

Then, those discounted TEA are put into vesting for a certain period of time and enjoy a nice ROI when you claim your TEA.

Remember: thanks to TeaDAO’s LiquidiTEA feature, you don’t have to sell your claimed TEA after bonding, but rather put them in staking, receive your sTEA receipt token, and stake those sTEA into the LiquidiTEA pools so that you can earn stablecoins or blue chips cryptocurrencies voted by the DAO!

Here again, you can see that there’s always a better and more profiting way than selling your TEA in TeaDAO, since you can earn a lot more by just holding them.

Bond, hold, earn more passively…enjoy the rest of your time, you will have plenty!


Now that you have a good grasp on TeaDAO’s pure DeFi features, let’s talk about something even more exciting: the ability to access external services negociated directly by TeaDAO simply by locking your TEA instead of spending fiat every month : we call this Hold As A Service.

What if, in addition to earning money within TeaDAO’s protocol, you could also access to pro external tools, allowing you and every TeaHolder to generate even more profitability by ceasing any investment and trading opportunity presented to you?

TeaDAO has made it possible by implementing its unique Hold As A Service feature, allowing every TeaHolder to access such tools, and make good use of them as he sees fit. To access those services, you don’t need to pay anything if you’re already a TeaHolder, just hold and lock your TEA in our HaaS pools and voilà!

You let us take care of finding the best services there is out there, in order to make you more and us more profitable, and in return, you contribute in locking the TEA limited supply even more. True win-win situation: we keep adding value and scarcity to your cherished TEA bag, you get access to the services that interest you and you keep your fiat in your portfolio, maybe book some vacations with your family, take some quality time for yourself, your call!

Even at a pre-launch stage, TeaDAO’s already settled a deal with his first HaaS partner, named Genesis, who’s offering pro crypto alerts that allows users to get blazing fast notifications about new crypto projects, Listing alerts for arbitrage trading, and even whale alerts so that you can always stay ahead of the croad.

Genesis Crypto Alerts, a first HaaS partner of a long list in TeaDAO

Exemple : To access Genesis for free, lock the adequate amount of TEA (to be determined after launch) into the Genesis HaaS Pool, and you’re done.

This is a first of a long series of services, that will cover many grounds such as:

  • Nodes and cloud gpu mining acquisitions and rewards
  • Pro Portfolio rebasing tools
  • Access to pro trading platforms
  • VIP pass to special events
  • Complete pro crypto formations
  • etc…

The list is clearly non exhaustive and will allow TeaDAO to always pursue innovation for its users.

Another direct implication of TeaDAO’s HaaS is that we will make deals so that some external services will also allow their users to acquire and pay with TEA directly instead of fiat money, thus adding even more buying pressure on our limited TEA supply.

Just image this: non TeaDAO users will get the choice to:

1- Buy their services with fiat monthly or annually: this way one thing’s for sure: you’re loosing your money.

2- Buy their services by buying then locking their TEA in TeaDAO : you don’t loose your initial investment, it will grow in value with time, and you still get access to the services!

Allright so in TeaDAO you can earn money by:

  • Staking
  • LiquidiTEA
  • Bonding
  • Hold As a Service

Is there more?

You bet there is!

Last but not least: it’s time we talked about TeaDAO INFUSION!


As a true DAO web3 protocol, users will own a share of TeaDAO’s Treasury.

Indeed, 10% of the total Treasury will be made available to its community (under voting control) so that we can invest and earn more together.

The principle, again, is both simple and elegant.

Our experienced team, or you (yes, you!) study the next market opportunities and find a project, not yet launched, with enormous potential and ROI.

The community or the Team submit a vote to the TeaHOLDERS to invest the Treasury into their preseed sales, acting as a communitarian Venture Capital controlled and secured by the blockchain (KYC team, multisig wallets, blockchain transparency).

Once the DAO has successfully invested and acquired the preseed tokens (all this process will be monitored by our Dashboard), it will then redistribute those acquired tokens to all TeaHOLDERS that deposit their TEA tokens into the INFUSION Pools. The more TEA you deposit there, the more preseed tokens you will receive, the more profits you can expect to make once the invested project launches.

Remember, if you already hold TEA, you don’t have to invest or pay anything more in order to benefit from the INFUSION Pools. Just deposit, claim, and get back to business with all of other features.

This also means that even at the lowest individual level, and even if you only have a few TEA tokens in your wallet, you can still access to preseed sales normally only accessible to VCs or verywealthy portfolios.

TeaDAO brings back financial power at every level, so that any of our active participants (= TeaHOLDERS) can make profit by getting an access to utlra early stage investments via our DAO Launchpad.

Power to all, profits to all.


Here, you can have a global overview of all the beneficial intrications offered to our TeaHOLDERS.


There are two primary types of issues with coin voting that I worry about: (i) inequalities and incentive misalignments even in the absence of attackers, and (ii) outright attacks through various forms of (often obfuscated) vote buying.

Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum Founder. Source: https://vitalik.ca/general/2021/08/16/voting3.html

And we couldn’t agree more.

As TeaDAO’s ambition is to embody the true DAO spirit, we’ve implemented another disruptive approach concerning our Voting system.

To put it simple, every TeaHOLDER will have one and only one vote by default.

We’ve made it clear that the only encouragements we want to insufflate in TeaDAO is the engagement into our platform, by participating to its economy.

That’s why, only our most commited users will get the chance to get an extra vote in all our decision makings, granted they show proof of engagement.

No more destructive coin voting, just plane and sane engagement voting.

There will be a few ways to reach such a Voting status, ways that will be described in another Medium article.

You can be sure it will imply…the usage of your TEA!


The TEA Total supply will be distributed as follows:

Caracteristics of the Team Wallet:

  • Lock period= 1 Year
  • Vesting Period= 1 Year

In the next article, we will talk in all simplicity about all the possible ways to earn passive and sustainable incomes by using TeaDAO’s extended features.

Thanks to all our supporters throughout the World for making TeaDAO the reality that we all need!

Stay tuned!

Discord: https://discord.gg/856v3QSNmg
TG Announcement :



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