The return of common sense in DeFi

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A story about Citeazens’ Treasury distribution

Steady yield coming from diversifed sources of income

A lot has happened in the DeFi scene this year. If one thing is certain, it is paramount to diversify your portfolio and avoid questionable protocols, promises and even some centralized exchanges. Our team has been closely monitoring DeFi developments to determine the wisest choices in terms of reward distribution and financial exposure to users to ensure management in a secure environment.

As such, most of Citeazens’ assets will be under the DAO’s control. That is, will not hold treasury funds in either CEX or any risky defi lending/borrowing platform. Rather, our DAO will remain the master of the keys by participating in blockchain verification consensus by acquiring several nodes on various reputable networks (Eth, Avax, Flux, etc.). In this way, Citeazens by TeaDAO truly participates in the blockchain industry by being at the core of network verification. This is why we picked these assets we consider strong and yield bearing

All rewards generated by the nodes will be stored in a multisig-secured wallet and either redistributed directly to users, teams and partners in the corresponding assets (AVAX,ETH,USDC,FLUX…)or exchanged for another reward token depending on DAO votes.

Citeazens will also acquire some BTC for long-term holding and the DAO will have a say on their usage, such as trading or collateral.

About Real Estate :

Currently, the team is investigating various services offered by tokenized real estate platforms. We do this because we believe this will help diversify our finances and provide users with another source of income for our LiquidiTEA pools.

However, the idea of ​​allowing each citeazen to receive various income streams on an individual level through the power of DAO remains the same.

About Metaverse Lands :

There’s a place for every Citeazen in TeaDAO’s tower

The subject is also under discussion, and due to the actual market conditions right now, we prefer to keep on monitoring and wait if the relevance/narrative combination are still strong.

Nevertheless, TeaDAO’s already on Sandbox as a starting point.

See for yourself here !

From there, we will see where we can go when the right time comes.

DAOs need Dashboards 2.0

Clear and transparent use of DAO funds is not possible without powerful monitoring tools available to all. The core tool for monitoring all DAO financial developments will be Citeazens’ DASHBOARD. It will provide all the details possible about the placement of the Treasury investment as well as all the income they generate. The tool will be integrated into Citeazens’ website and dapp, similar to our design approach.
We want it to be unique.

More on that in the future!

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