What makes Avalanche the place to be for TeaDAO Finance?

5 min readMar 18, 2022


TeaDao Finance — A new ecosystem to be launched on Avalanche Chain

A suitable blockchain for TeaDAO’s vision

Where do we come from?

If one thing is for certain, it is that this quarter has been marking the stepping point in TeaDAO’s community and project development.

The inner organization and choice of a true DAO approach come from a community logic that we recalled in our previous article: https://teadao.medium.com/teadao-a-next-gen-protocol-c3fc90b4d9dc

We started has a community with faithful Fonding Members, and now it is time we developed a proper ecosystem, driven by true DAO power coupled with suitable features and technologies.

The experienced and multidisciplinary team that carries the TeaDAO project today was formed two years ago and has been constantly improving: whether in terms of its management team, or in terms of its ambitions for unique community experience.

The quality and solidity of our initial community support and our first-time investors have enabled us to develop 360° to present our new services to you soon!

The TeaDAO project was born in this state of mind.

We are the result of a united approach and we will inscribe solidarity in the DNA of TeaDAO.

Here lies the fondation of our spirit, which, naturally, led us to reflect on what would be the best suitable blockchain to support such an exciting adventure.

Where are we now ?

TeaDaO aims to become a key player in finding, optimizing and multiplying investments in crypto-assets.

Our goal has always been and still remains to build a reserve of value large enough to:

1️⃣ Allow internal development via self-financing and self-regulated control via the participation of the DAO (Assembly)

2️⃣ Guarantee external growth through the acquisition and financing of DEFI and IRL services to its members (HaaS & LiquidiTea)

3️⃣ Shape the future of DAOs by building our own TeaChain on Avalanche’s Subnet.

As part of our strategic thinking of a continuous improvement plan, we have decided to review our overall positionning and to decline actions for change. We want to establish the best possible DEFI ecosystem for our members to be able to fulfill our ambitions.

As part of this reflection, we have decided to align consistency at all levels and we have decided to change the ecosystem to move from BNB Chain to Avalanche Chain.

This choice is a milestone in TeaDAO Finance because it marks a major change in the community spirit and in the logic of financial performance sought since our origins recalled here. Moreover, Avalanche is blazingly fast, low cost, and green🌱.

It is a fair match between the ambitions of TeaDAO Finance, the community mindset and the ambitions and services offered by the valued players in this ecosystem.

Why and how we will make it?

Beyond the commitments of means and the efforts made, we can say with certainty that we have made an intelligent choice and we wanted to share here some metrics that pushed us to this major reorientation.

First of all it is important to notice that the comparative analysis of the evolutions tends to think that the promise and the security of the Avalanche blockchain has been kept. Just after one year of development, the Avalanche blockchain has not only found its place in the multiplication of the offer but is also the one that has performed the most.

Source : https://defillama.com/

Avalanche Dominance in Decentralized Finance (DEFI)
Evolution of Avalanche TVL | 2022 vs 2021
Total Value Locked for Avalanche
03-2022 Total Value Locked ($10,51 Billions) in Avalanche Chain

TeaDAO Finance will enter a solid and highly secured financial ecosystem at the end of April 2022, surrounded by major competitors and real DEFI references.

Protocols dominance | Avalanche ecosystem

Avalanche has succeeded in combining robustness with rigor and security and this is what we like to ensure the development of TeaDAO Finance towards a robust community micro-ecosystem for our members.

The solidity of the Avalanche chain was enabled in particular by a decisive fundraising of $230 Million at the end of 2021: https://techcrunch.com/2021/09/16/avalanche-raises-230-million-from-private -sale-of-avax-tokens/

The Avalanche Ecocystem
The Avalanche Ecosystem

See more about it : https://ecosystem.avax.network/

The choice of the Tokenomics (deflationary token mechanism) of the governance token of the Avalanche ecosystem, AVAX, was decisive for TeaDAO Finance in joining this ecosystem.

67% of Avax are staked, proof of a stable ecosystem that guarantees TeaDAO Finance a profitable future.

Beyond the performance of its tokenomics, which gives confidence in the profitability of its acquisition, it is a great source of inspiration for our team dedicated to financial strategy.

Do not miss the publication of the optimized tokenomics of the $TEA Token in the next few days. You will discover how $TEA will play a central role in all TeaDAO’s economy so that every user will find its path to sustainable profits.

We invite you to read the following recent publication which allows us to consider the future with serenity for Phase 3 of our project:

TeaDAO General Roadmap
TeaDAO General Roadmap

As we’ve been telling our faithful community for the last weeks, we will now operate under a more dynamic rythm until our launch date. To that effect, we hereby announce that a couple articles detailing TeaDAO’s tokenomics and user’s investment strategies will be published soon.

In the coming weeks our new website will be launched for a complete adaptation to our new ecosystem.

Stay tuned!

TeaDao Team

Discord : discord.gg/y2GwJNvpC
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TeaDaoFinance
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